Learn Kubernetes using Interactive Browser-Based Labs

By Ben Hall, Jonathan Johnson, Richard Li, Peter Benjamin

Solve real problems and enhance your skills with browser based hands on labs without any downloads or configuration

Launch A Single Node Cluster

Learn how to launch a Single Node Minikube cluster including DNS and Kube UI

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Launch a multi-node cluster using Kubeadm

Bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster using Kubeadm

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Deploy Containers Using Kubectl

Learn how to use Kubectl to launch containers and make them accessible

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Deploy Containers Using YAML

Learn how to use YAML definitions to deploy containers

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Deploy Guestbook Web App Example

This scenario teaches you how to deploy the Guestbook example using Kubernetes

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Networking Introduction

Learn the different networking approaches available

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Create Ingress Routing

Learn how to define host and path based Ingress routing

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Liveness and Readiness Healthchecks

Learn how to ensure containers health using Liveness and Readiness probes

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Getting Started With CRI-O and Kubeadm

Learn how to deploy a CRI-O based Kubeadm cluster

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Running Stateful Services on Kubernetes

Learn how to run stateful services on Kubernetes

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Use Kubernetes To Manage Secrets And Passwords

Learn how Kubernetes can help keep secrets secure

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Deploy Docker Compose Files with Kompose

Learn how to use Kompose to deploy existing Docker Compose definitions

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Deploying from source onto Kubernetes

How to get from source to running service in Kubernetes

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Backup and Restore with Heptio Velero

Learn how to manage disaster recovery for your Kubernetes cluster resources and persistent volumes

Start ScenarioBy Jonathan Johnson

Logging with EFK

Learn how to implement centralized logging using an ElasticsSearch, Fluent Bit, and Kibana (EFK) stack on Kubernetes.

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Helm Package Manager

Use Helm Package Manager for Kubernetes to deploy Redis

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Installing Weave Scope on Kubernetes

Learn how to run Weave Scope on Kubernetes

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Getting Started with Kubeless

Learn how to deploy serverless functions to Kubernetes with Kubeless.

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Use Kubernetes in a safe playground environment

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