How to put command of build docker container to dockerfile?

Even if @mchawre’s answer seems to directly answer OP’s question “syntactically speaking” (as a Dockerfile was asked), a docker-compose.yml is definitely the way to go to make a docker run command, as custom as it might be, reproducible in a declarative way (YAML file).

Just to complement @ChrisBecke’s answer, note that the writing of this YAML file can be automated. See e.g., the FOSS (under MIT license)

FTR, the snippet below was automatically generated from the following docker run command, using the accompanying webapp

docker run -it -p 4000:4000 bitgosdk/express:latest

version: ‘3.3’ services: express: ports: – ‘4000:4000’ image: ‘bitgosdk/express:latest’

I omitted the CMD arguments –disablessl -e test on-purpose, as composerize does not seem to support these extra arguments. This may sound like a bug (and FTR a related issue is opened), but meanwhile it might just be viewed as a feature, in line of @DavidMaze’s comment

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