Docker Compose CI/CD in Azure DevOPs


Should build docker images for our application and push them into our Container Registry.

How to Build and Push docker image in Azure DevOPs you can easily find in the documentation or here —

As soon as you have your image push into your container registry you can proceed to release.

An important point for our build is to remember that to proceed with our release, we have to copy docker-compose file to our server, so we can initialize proper services with images.

So at the end of the build, we should put our docker-compose file into the artifact.

copy docker-compose to artifact

Before creating a release, we need access to the machine on which we are going to deploy our solution.

Configuring Environment

My container registry is Azure Container Registry and one virtual machine with Ubuntu 18.04.

Steps to do:

  • Connect to machine using SSH
  • Install docker

  • test docker
  • Install docker-compose

  • test docker-compose


If you already connected to your machine, installed all the tools that you need, you can proceed in creating your Release. To run docker-compose on any remote machine we need installed docker-compose, be logged in to container registry, clean old images, execute up command and that’s it.

So our Release links to our artifact which contains docker-compose.yml and 2 tasks.

Release flow

Tasks are next:

  1. Securely copy files to the remote machine

2. Run shell inline on remote machine

run shell commands

Here is a full script:

docker login -u $(docker.username) -p $(docker.password) $(docker.registry)
cd deploy
docker-compose pull
docker-compose stop
docker-compose rm -f
docker-compose up -d

Where $(docker.username) -p $(docker.password) $(docker.registry) are Variables in release definition, which gives us the possibility to hide them in logs.

That’s all folks!

Our continuous deployment for docker-compose is done. Now as soon as you want to deploy a new version of your docker image to your VM, you press 2 buttons — Queue Build and Create Release.

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